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Why Choose Gaffey Deane & Talley

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In this complex world, professionals of every kind - doctors, lawyers, and engineers - specialize in certain areas. Why should your CPA firm be any different? At GDT we don't believe that our professionals should be "all things to all people." Our staff has extensive experience and are certified in these chosen specialty areas.

Personal Service

We take a personal approach to your needs and address your challenges and opportunities with advice, action, and accountability. While many CPA and consulting firms contain a wealth of knowledge, our clients tell us they enjoy working with us. Gaffey, Deane & Talley pride themselves on being good people in addition to being professionals who are committed to helping you without ego or pretense.

Higher Value

Because we do not incur the overhead and other expenses like large firms we are able to offer you a higher value for your investment. In addition, you will not bear the expense of "training" our people. We will arrive qualified and ready to help.

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