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Our Clients Trust Our Tax Services

The complex world of tax rules and regulations is ever-changing and fairly inflexible. To keep your business’ compliant with federal, state & local tax laws, make sure an experienced tax specialist handles your tax preparation, problem-solving, representation, and even estate planning. Gaffey Deane & Talley has spent the last 30 years helping businesses and individuals across the country with tax services to ensure their relationship with the tax authorities stays amicable.


Get Quick, Reliable Tax Accounting

Gaffey Deane & Talley is ready to serve you with quick and affordable tax services in Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland you can count on, so you can concentrate on running your business. Call us today and set up a free consultation to explore the different ways we can assist you.

Tax Expertise to Benefit Your Company

The tax services we offer at Gaffey Deane & Talley include:


Our tax specialists help you stay compliant with tax return preparation and submission, dispute resolution with tax authorities, and suggested ways to secure tax savings. We stay on the cutting edge of tax regulations and use advanced technologies and processes. Another service of ours is assisting you to identify and manage tax risks on an overall basis. This is particularly important for companies that are regulated in today’s corporate governance environment to have a clear understanding of the risk management process along with the associated control framework.

Tax Preparation

There is no substitute for an experienced tax professional. Our specialists check and recheck your tax return using industry-related software that identifies potential problems. Your return is filed electronically for a quicker refund. We’ll also show you potential deductions for next year and how you can adjust payroll withholding to keep more money. If you own a business but haven’t stayed on top of your bookkeeping, don’t worry! Our specialists will prepare your year’s bookkeeping, a full Schedule C, and even your personal income tax return. We’ll make sure you don’t overlook credits and deductions to which you’re entitled.


For issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other taxing authorities, our professional guidance can help to remedy the problem and guide you through IRS regulations with our in-depth knowledge and experience. If you’ve received notice that you’re being audited or you’ve had your bank account levied, wages garnished, or a lien filed on your property, Gaffey Deane & Talley can help. We assist you in getting your taxes filed quickly, halting an impending bank levy and even getting the IRS off your bank.

Tax Planning

The key to reducing your tax liability successfully and legally is proper planning. Our services surpass “basic” tax compliance and suggest tax-saving strategies so you can maximize your income after taxes. Our priority is enhancing our mastery of the present tax law, new tax regulations, and the complex tax code through frequent seminars. Legitimate tax strategies and careful planning. Many of our clients save so much from reduced lax liability that the amount is many times greater than our fee. Our strategies include:

  • Efficient structuring to allocate income
  • Deferring tax liabilities through pension plans, contributions, and other investment choices
  • Shifting expenses and income from one year to another for lower rates
  • Structuring your money to find tax deductions as you pay for enjoyable things like a vacation home
  • Producing income out of certain investments that are tax-exempt for state, federal, or both taxing entities
Tax Problems

Our tax accountants help you resolve tax problems with the IRS, state, local or other taxing authorities with our affordable, efficient, and discreet services. It’s best to deal with tax problems as soon as possible to avoid additional interest and penalties. The IRS is relentless at collecting the money you owe, and the damage can affect all aspects of your life. We’ll assist you in rectifying tax problems, which can include:

  • IRS audit representation
  • Non-filed tax returns
  • Back taxes owed
  • Payroll tax problems
  • IRS liens, levies, wage garnishments, and seizures
  • Offers in compromise
  • IRS payment plans
  • Bankruptcy
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Getting your IRS file

Guidance for Hassle-Free Estate Planning

Estate planning can highlight unknown complexity in an individual’s financial affairs. We’ll assist you through every step, including:

  • Compose a clear definition for your estate planning goals.
  • Create and organize a team for estate planning (Finance, taxes, and law experts), if needed.
  • Evaluate and recommend options for estate planning.
  • Prepare, organize, and review all documents for estate planning, including trusts, power of attorney, current wills, and healthcare.
    • Decrease expenses and problems associated with probate.
    • Lessen taxes at time of death.
    • Arrange for estate management if you are incapacitated.
    • Draft a working plan to conserve and effectively manage your estate after death.
    • Transfer your estate assets the way you want to your heirs.
    • Organize fair and adequate estate liquidation to cover expenses like taxes.
    • Make any needed amendments to your plan.
    • We also help you with:
      • Lifetime Family Wealth Transfers
      • Leaving money to charities
      • Living wills and trusts
      • Trust and estate tax problem preparation
      • Family partnerships and other business relationships

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