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About Associations and Non-Profits

Specific businesses with specific needs – is what defines this industry sector. Our clients include educational businesses, trade, and professional associations, religious organizations, charities, and political organizations.

In addition to providing audit and tax services, we pride ourselves on assisting organizations in improving their business operations and/or developing strategic plans. We also serve as lead adviser in performance and information technology system improvements. Additionally, we provide business advisory services for mergers and alliances, compensation and benefits planning for executives, and governance consulting for boards of directors.

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What We Provide

Gaffey Deane & Talley offers a broad range of services to not-for-profit organizations, from yearly financial statement audits to tax planning and compliance reviews. The following points represent a selected listing of what we currently provide to not-for-profit organizations:

  • General-purpose financial and compliance audits
  • Accounting system design and reviews
  • Preparation of Forms 990, 990-PF, 990-T, 8734 and various state reports
  • Consultations on private foundation issues
  • Unrelated business taxable income compliance reviews
  • Management system reviews and assistance
  • Financial reporting assistance
  • IRS recognition of tax-exempt status assistance
  • Budgeting reviews and assistance

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